Alumni Week

Coming into this week, I was not sure what to expect considering this was my first Alumni Week here at Muhlenberg. However, I was pleasantly surprised. Beginning with my interview with Lisa Siciliano, we discussed her times in college as well as her career journey. I loved hearing about her experiences at Viacom, especially how she currently works with Nickelodeon. Lisa gave me the impression that working in the entertainment industry was very fun and exciting. Next, I really loved hearing Sadie Katz speak about Classpass, a fitness subscription service. Being that I want to work in the sports world, her stories were so intriguing to me. I loved that I was able to make a connection with her about being in the same sorority on campus, Alpha Chi Omega. With an interest in attending more sports related talks, I went to the public relations and sports media talk. After hearing speakers like Andrew Rhodes, Maggie Zerbe, and Jack McCallum, it really solidified what I want to with my future: get into the sports world. The possibility of working and meeting pro athletes nearly had me jumping out of my seat when I heard all their stories from the alumni. Something I will always take with me from this past Alumni Week was to maintain, strengthen, and network well for the sake of the importance of relationships. Having connections can go a long way. Hopefully, one day I can come back to Muhlenberg’s Alumni Week and speak to students about my dream job in the sports world!

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