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    Just a small town girl?

    As I began watching A Stranger With A Camera, I was intrigued by the many perspectives that were involved in the history of this 1960’s criminal case and in the more present day documentary. Particularly, I was interested on Elizabeth Barret’s take on the murder of Hugh O’Connor as she was a resident of Letcher County, Kentucky during this time period. In reference to her location, she says she is “a wife, neighbor, and mother with a camera”, implying her personal biases that will be exhibited throughout the film. To dissect that even further, the first part of the quote that mentions that she’s a wife, neighbor, and mother relates…

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    Objectivity versus Subjectivity

    “The issue, finally, becomes one of judgement, and thereby a subject matter: an opinion of someone whose mind has taken in all that information, that documentation, and then given it the shape of sentences, of words used, with all their suggestive possibilities.” (Page 21) In particular, this quote stood out to me as it related to documentary work. One of the primary ways in which documentary work can become biased is through our own personal judgement on those we document. Due to the difficulty of being purely impartial, it is only right that documentarians try to be aware of their subjectivity. The way in which others present their story should…